Villa Packers and Movers in Dubai - Move in a Day

Preparing for your moving day can take a long time prior to the actual day of moving. In fact, most checklists for moving start around two months before the actual date you make the move. While most of the things listed on this list will benefit the user, there's a few things that you should not overlook or leave until in the final minute.

If you do not have a contract with a moving company to provide the packing services for you it is time to hire one like villa packers and movers in Dubai.

The idea of leaving your books and other knick-knacks on the table or in the cupboard, and clothing hanging out in the closet on moving day is not just going to cause a lot of stress for your movers, but it can make the move more time-consuming than it must be. Be sure that you've placed all your belongings into sturdy containers and boxes prior to the time when you move company arrives.

·      Take the bed off:

When you first wake up the next morning take off and fold your blankets, sheets, and pillowcases, so that your movers can load your mattress onto the truck and remove your bed's frame.

·      Unplug any electronics:

Even if the moving company is taking care of the packing, it's still a good idea to unplug and disconnect all appliances and electronics before touching them. Moving companies aren't looking to be accountable for causing damage to your gaming or computer settings so make sure you take care of it prior to their arrival.

·      Get rid of any excess items:

If they're packing or simply carrying everything for you the last thing, you'd like to do is spend money to move items you don't want to keep. When you are aware you're moving, clear your house of broken, useless, or unneeded items. garbage, donate recycling, reselling, or donate the items. Hand with marker in front of hand with marker about to "dining space" box on cardboard

·      Label boxes:

When you're packing, mark your boxes according to their location at the new home so that the movers be aware of where they should place them. If your boxes have breakable items mark the box as "fragile" so that the moving crew can load it on the truck in the correct way. It is also a good idea to label the boxes that have to be taken out prior to unpacking them (such as pet products or toys for your kids) to let the movers know to load them on the truck at the end. Label on all four sides of the box, and the top so they are easily visible from all angles.

·      Take measurements of doors and furniture

Don't think that your sofa can be tucked away in the front door simply because "it is bound to have entered the house in some way." Check the doorways and furniture to determine if you'll have to take apart certain pieces to move them out of the home. If this is the case, let villa packers and movers in Dubai know once they arrive.

·      You can pack what your moving company won't Pack for the

Even full-service moving firms can't take care of everything. Moving companies are forbidden by law from placing dangerous, perishable, or hazardous items on their trucks. (Hey at least you know that it's and isn't personal!) Place these items in a place marked "do not load" (make signs when you must) to ensure that the movers are aware to leave them in peace. While they're doing other things you can load them in your car.

·      Offer Refreshments

The crew of moving is busy moving heavy boxes, navigating couches across the hallway, and controlling the stairs trying to prevent you from dropping your grandma's china. It's an excellent gesture to offer some snacks to keep them full and well-hydrated.

·      Glass of water and pitcher with lime and mint

Set up a table with coffee, bottled water, and snacks to go so everyone can have a place where they can go when tired. A cooler that has ice can keep the water cool throughout the day, while a carafe of prepared coffee can make caffeinating a breeze.

In the afternoon it's time for the group to have a break for lunch to replenish their energy. It's not required to feed all the crew however, if you do want to, go with something that is easy and comfortable for the crowd like sandwiches or pizza.

·      Keep pets and children entertained

The kids' and pets’ energy levels don't go well in a house packed with movers. If you are unable to arrange off-site care, ensure that they're not in the way. Pets can be a great fit in a space that's empty, filled with water, food along with some toys and litter boxes or a puppy pad. Children will enjoy an iPad, a few table games, or an excursion to the nearby park to take a break and burn off some energy.

·      Clean

The best time to clean your home clean is when the house is empty. If you are able, go to your new residence prior to the time when the villa packers and movers in Dubai truck arrives so that you can do a quick inspection. The same thing applies to your previous home after everyone has left to ensure that everything is ready to move in for the new family. If you're unable to complete it in advance of time, tidy up every room after emptying. When everything is loaded put on the truck, the house will be tidy.

·      Double Check

Even the most meticulous packers may be a bit sloppy here and there. Go through every room to find items that might have been lost. The most common hiding places are medicine cabinets, dishwashers, or the drawer underneath the oven, as well as the attic. This is the perfect time to ensure that the refrigerator as well as the freezer(s) are in good condition and free of food. Moving companies won't be able transport leftover food items If there's any leftover, dispose of it or bring it along with you.

Just before leaving Before everyone leaves, go through the house, and make sure that windows and doors are locked and that all lights have been switched off. Since it's UAE don't shut off the air conditioning. The humid and warm climate can cause mold to grow and isn't something you'd like to be accountable for.