Pivot Shower Doors – Advantages and Disadvantages

The pivot shower doors are among the highly popular options. When you intend to fix a new shower enclosure, one of its important considerations will be shower door choice. These are important for two purposes. The first these provide an entrance into a shower section where you have the choice to close or open the door as per your need. The second is that these have a high impact on the overall look of the bathroom. The additional door kinds include bi-fold and sliding doors. Each of these doors has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice must be based on various factors that include the type of enclosure, size of the shower area, personal preference, budget, etc. 

pivot shower doors

Here in this article, we have discussed both advantages and disadvantages of pivot doors.

What are the features of Pivot Shower Doors?

All the door options are distinctive to each in terms of their mechanism of working. The pivot shower doors is naming the way it works. It is a type of swinging door that moves on hinges. It opens outwards into the bathroom as it is very similar to a common door that we have in our homes. The iron hinges that exit on its sides or up and down bear its whole weight and give its 180-degree swinging movement. These doors are available in both framed styles that are suitable for budget cautious customers to luxurious high-end farmless options. You can choose size and glass types as per your preference. These doors are a great choice if your shower enclosure size ranges from 27 to 36 inches. 

Cube 6mm Pivot Shower Doors - Various Sizes

Pivot Shower Doors

What are the Advantages of Pivot Shower Doors?

The advantages for which you can prefer these doors are discussed here

  • This style of pivot shower doors is suitable for a larger shower area opening. Most high-end and luxurious shower enclosures have larger than average opening areas that require a suitable door. Other styles do not fit well into such situations. 

  • The working mechanism of the pivot door is like other house doors that makes it incredibly easier to use, especially for the elderly or people with mobility challenges.

  • These provide a wide opening into the shower area. It is usually big and offers a spacious entrance for the enclosure. It means more and easier accessibility of shower area.

  • These are available in various sizes that range from 700mm to 1000mm. So, you have the flexibility of choice for all types of shower enclosures, big, small, and large.

  • These look beautiful with a frameless style. If you are looking to create a luxurious or contemporary look in the bathroom, it is a suitable choice for you.

Cube 6mm Pivot Shower Door 700mm

What are the Disadvantages of Pivot Shower Doors?

Like everything else, pivot shower doors also has few disadvantages.

  • These doors usually open outwards inside the bathroom that means it requires considerable clearance space. So, if you have a small bathroom, then this can be a big problem because you will not keep the utilities clear from outside the enclosure. You may have the choice to use this door inwards, but it is only possible with a larger shower enclosure which we usually found in the large bathroom spaces.

  • These types of shower doors are more suitable for larger and medium enclosures. So, if you have a small bathroom, it is better to choose other door types.

  • As it opens outwards, some water splashes on the door will drop on the bathroom floor while getting out of the enclosure. 

Pivot Shower Doors at the Royal Bathrooms UK

We have discussed almost everything about Pivot Shower Doors in previous sections. After knowing their features, pros, and cons, you are in a better position to make up your mind about installing them into your bathroom. You can choose the size, style (frameless or framed), and type of glass you want. All of these will have a huge impact on the overall look of your enclosure. So, it would help if you chose them wisely. At Royal bathrooms, we have an extensive range of enclosures and shower doors available at very reasonable prices. You can check our website for more details. 

Cube 6mm Pivot Shower Door 760mm