Why a Short Projection Toilet can be a great addition to your Bathroom

A short projection toilet takes less space as compared to other toilet types. If you have a small bathroom, it may be difficult for you to find a size toilet that takes less space. It has a short depth with a slim bottom, leaving some space on the floor. A short projection toilet is specifically designed to be fit in small bathrooms or cloakrooms. You may choose to install it even in a larger space, depending on your preference. 

Short Projection Toilet at Royal Bathrooms

  • Short Projection Toilet Saves Space. 

As discussed earlier, the purpose of short projection toilets was mainly to offer people a bathroom that has reduced size but works as efficiently as other toilets. You can use these toilets anywhere but in cloakrooms or other small spaces where every inch matters. You may not realize its importance, but when you are short of space, few inches can help create the look you want and use the space more efficiently. 

  • Less Water Consumption. 

Most people focus on the short projection toilet's space-saving feature and usually ignore one of the most important benefits. That is the use of less water when draining the human waste. A short projection toilet is a low stream design, which works on less water. As per research, a person every day flush many times while using the Bathroom. A low stream toilet can save up to 172 litres of water compared to other types of toilets. 

  • Environment Friendly and Less Water Bills. 

Almost all short projection designs are low stream toilets. That means the use of less water which is beneficial for the environment. Less water also means there will be less water usage that will significantly reduce water bills. So, in a year or two, your all spending on short projection toilet will be recovered.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Looks. 

Short projection toilets are slim and come in different styles like wall hung and back to wall toilets. Their compact size makes them aesthetically pleasing for modern bathrooms. If you want to create a luxury look in your Bathroom, then a wall-mounted short projection toilet may be an ideal choice for you. A compact toilet with a relatively smaller or hidden water tank is always great for your bathrooms' aesthetics. 

  How to Make a Perfect Short Projection Toilet for your Bathroom. 

Here are the steps you should take to make a perfect choice of short projection toilet.

Step-1. Measure the Avail Space.

The first and most important step in choosing a perfect short projection toilet is measuring available space in your Bathroom. You should know how much space you can allocate for the Bathroom. That helps choose a perfect size that fits best in your Bathroom. There is always size mentioned on the listing, so you know how much size it will. It's always better to know about it forehand, so you don't have to spend time on returning and replacing it.

Step-2. Choose the position of the toilet.

Once you have the measurement, you should also decide the exact position where you want to position your toilet. Match the toilet size you want to buy with the available space in that position, so you know there will be enough space left for moving around and using the toilet. 

Step-3 Choose the style of the toilet. 

The short projection toilets are available in different styles like Back to wall and wall hung toilets. Back to the wall usually have their water tank fixed on behind, which is smaller than other types of toilets. A wall-hung short projection toilet, however, has its cistern hidden in the wall. Depending on the space available and the type of look you want to create in the Bathroom, you choose the suitable projection toilet. 

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Short projection toilets have many advantages: space-saving, less water consumption, and an aesthetically pleasing look. If you are interested in buying a short projection toilet in the UK, you can browse our website and explore an extensive range of toilets available at reasonable prices.