Feel like a home in waiting lobby during Ferrari repair in Dubai

 Ferrari is unmatched when it comes to elegance, performance and attractiveness. Ferrari is undoubtedly, and for good reason, one of the most sought-after supercars on the planet. The road has never been the same ever since the first Ferrari touched ground in 1947.

We know how fiercely loyal Ferrari owners are, and take excellent treatment of their stallions.  When your Ferrari has undergone some serious and critical issues and you have to wait for so long in the lobby to get it fixed on time and to avoid watching your investment with a heavy-treatment, then what will you do to pass the time within just a blink? We have unrivaled facilities for our customers in the lobby to make the Ferrari repair Dubai a hassle-free experience for you. Let’s check out our waiting lobby's impact on our customers and get yourself astonished.

Hi-fi furniture for sitting

Your workshop will be of no use when you don’t even have a sitting area or even a single chair. As customers can’t just stand around and wait for the car to get it fixed. Reliable, clean, and entertaining customer lobby would be the best to get them engaged doing their things while mechanics remain busy in fixing their Ferrari. So, whenever customers visit our garage, we make sure to provide them a comfortable, relaxing and best sitting lobby so that they can visit us next time as well. We have comfortable and cozy sofas for the customers to sit around and wait for their Ferrari to revamp.

T.V the logical choice

Do you know why T.V is a logical choice in Automobile workshops? As you cannot spend hours just sitting around and waiting for so long. One of the main reasons you have in your waiting room for some sort of entertainment is to help customers pass the time as they wait. And a lot of waiting. Customers will wait for a repair for anywhere from 15-45 minutes, and some wait much longer than that. And as the clock ticks on, they begin to become ever more restless.

However, when Digital Signage is in a waiting area, the perceived waiting time is decreased by 33%. That means that a wait of 30 minutes just feels like 20. And that means you're seeing less customers asking, "Is my car ready yet?"

A cup of coffee

A cup of coffee would be icing on the cake to better spend the time in the customer's lobby. Sipping a cup of coffee, watching TV and a better sitting environment will let the customers visit your workshop again and again because no one wants to be treated poorly.

Fast Internet service

As no one thinks of spending their time without the internet, Good news for all the customers, we have wi-fi facility as well in our Workshop for Ferrari repair Dubai to reduce your boredom while waiting.  Have you ever heard the name of any workshop providing all the customer lobby facilities under one roof?

We have everything under one belt, as we really care about our customers. Quick Fit Auto Center Dubai is the only place that owners of Ferrari can trust to look after their investment.

When customers leave our workshop, they have a huge smile on their faces and hope of coming back again if necessary. We have created and promoted a culture of togetherness, friendliness, team work, excellence and treat our customers with respect and love so that they don’t even think for a second and come to us for any kind of Ferrari Repair in Dubai. So, make the right decision and choose Quick Fit Auto Center for maintenance, enhancement and repair needs of your Ferrari.