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Types of Statistics

Statistics is a type of science mainly concerned with the development as well as the study of various methods. All these methods are used for the collection, interpretation, and analyzation of the empirical data. It informs us about the analyzation of things. If you have ever forecasted the weather, then you have also used statistics there. The reason behind getting information about the weather are the computers that are built on the statistical concepts and methods. Statistics comes in two different and effective types. One is descriptive and the other one is inferential. Here is the detail of both types.

Descriptive Statistics:
This type is mainly concerned with the collection as well as the presentation of data. Descriptive type of statistics is most salient because if we present the data in the raw form then it would become very difficult to visualize or understand it. It turns the raw data into simpler form and it becomes more meaningful.
For example, the college has made a test score of mathematics for the coming students. This prediction of the test scores is made possible due to the field of statistics.

Types of Descriptive Statistics:
·         Central Tendency                                                                  
·         Dispersion

Inferential Statistics:
Inferential statistics is the second type of this field of science. The first type describes the data and the second type makes predictions according to that data. You can take the data from samples and can make predictions about that data or about that population.
This type is used when the person needs to conclude the whole data. Usually, a sample is taken from the population and hen the conclusion is made according to the trend. But you must know that this type is only for small populations and not for large populations.
For example, let’s suppose you are standing in a shopping mall and are asking fifty people if they like shopping here or not. Then you come to make the inference that there is almost 60 to 70 percent of people who love to shop here. This is the inferential statistics.

Types of Inferential Statistics:
·         Analysis of Co-variance
·         Linear Regression Analysis
·         Correlation Analysis
·         Analysis of Variance
·         Statistical Significance

Uses of Statistics:
·         Most people think that there is no use of statistics in daily life. But they are wrong and are unaware of the use of this field or branch of science. Here we have mentioned some of the uses of statistics.
·         One of the main use of this field is testing the quality. Almost there are hundreds or thousands of companies that produce different types of products. They have to check the quality but it is impossible to check the quality of each product. Thus they use the statistical sample.
·         It is the Statistics that make us aware of the weather changes. This is done through the computers operated on the statistical operations.
·         The prediction of diseases is also based on this field. When doctors predict that there is almost 60 to 70 percent of people who are suffering from cancer, then this is also due to statistics.

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