Increasing the market value of your home before selling it

When selling homes and houses for sale in Albany Lebanon Scio, every homeowner has only one goal in mind that is to sell their property for the maximum price. To achieve this goal, one has to increase the value of their home. One way to do this is to invest in a home improvement project. Some projects are expensive while others are inexpensive.

If you are a homeowner looking to increase home value for selling, then you can try looking at the house from the perspective of the buyer. Look at your house as a buyer would and then decide what kind of improvement you can work on that will get you the price you are asking for. There are two sides to any home renovation project, the inside, and the outside.



Paint the walls

If it has been years since the walls were repainted or if the colors are fading or simply if the color combination is not right, take the time to repaint. Make sure that you choose soft colors that really complement each other and avoid the really bright colors because they irritate the person who views them. The soft colors can go with most furniture and the buyer can easily start matching their own furniture with the wall paint. Even if the color is not according to their taste, they can repaint over the soft colors. This, however, is not the case with bright colors.

Clean and organize your home

See to it that you tidy up the place since you are moving out. Pack all your personal items like family photos and rent a storage space to store all the boxes. Remove all the mess and clutter by moving your furniture into storage as well. This way the prospective buyers can picture the space with their things in them rather than your items. Removing the furniture will also make the rooms appear larger. Dust and clean the carpets so that they have no odor and also get rid of any smudges on the knobs and handles.

For homes and houses for sale in Albany Lebanon Scio to be sold at a good price, the interior of the house has to be properly maintained and sanitized.


The front yard

When the buyer first comes to inspect the house, they first look at the front of the house including the yard. You should mow the lawn and trim the hedges to make sure that everything is spotless. If you have children, pick up any toys that they might have left scattered outside. Cleaning out the front to make it more appealing is known as the curb appeal.


This is one of the bigger expenses that need to be taken care of. Do not worry, you would only need to get this done if your roof is damaged. You can have it inspected to make sure of its condition.


The driveway should also be spotless and should not have any stains on it. You can have it cleaned by professional services if you feel that the task is difficult.