Why Selling Your Car for Cash is The Right Decision

The average time required to sell a car to a dealer is about 60 days and most of the traders you’ll visit will only buy if you’re interested in a trade. For people who have a spare car that isn’t being used and want to sell it, making a deal with a dealer isn’t going to help the situation.

So, if you’re someone who has been to all the dealers around you without any luck of selling it out for cash and you’re wondering, how do I sell my car for cash in Melbourne? And even if you’re second guessing your decision to sell your car for cash because it seems so hard, here are a few reasons why you should sell your car for cash:


  • The biggest advantage is that dealers usually get to keep a commission on selling your car and by not hiring a dealer you get to keep an extra thousand to two thousand dollars in your pocket.
  • You can name your price; dealers are usually in a hurry to sell your car so they can get their commission out of the deal. This can sometimes cause you to get less than what you desired.
  • If you have a car that has more than 100,000 miles on it, it’s even harder for the dealer to sell it. Most dealers just sell it to another dealer on a whole sale price. The difference between a whole sale price and a retail price can be up to 20%.

Trading your car will only leave you with another car that will occupy the same space and have almost the same maintenance expenses. Selling your car for cash not only provides you with a huge amount of money in your hand but also cuts you the cost of maintenance that the car required, plus its petrol expenses and gives you an extra free space in the garage.

Selling your car you requires a huge chunk of your time and efforts, but if you’re doing it right it can be a piece of cake. And Now that you’re over second guessing the decision to sell your car for cash, we can focus more on the “how do I sell my car for cash in Melbourne” part more, here are a few tips to help you sell your car easily:

  • Make sure all your legal work is complete and up to date. Once a buyer becomes interested in your car it’s better to not keep the buyer waiting as it can cause him to lose interest in the deal.
  • Make sure you have a proper system prepared for the income of the cash. Handling so much cash can be a dangerous thing, to avoid any chance of robbery try to make the deal near your bank or your home, and take a friend with you.
  • Make sure you advertise properly and on the right platform. Advertising correctly will give you a lot of potential buyers, how you struck the deal, on the other hand, is up to you.
Selling your car at the right price is all about the first impression, clean your car before you hand it over to the potential buyer for a test drive. Take Protective measures to avoid getting scammed and robbed, think ahead and do your homework before you start to advertise.