Why choose Mori Lee dresses for your prom night

A prom dress by the name of Mori Lee in Sydney is the work of designer Madeline Gardner and has been a favorite amongst people for over three generations. There are currently three collections offering this prom dress and each differs in style and expression. If you decide that this dress or gown is the right one for you then you need to consider the different collections and the design they bring. You can decide the best gown for yourself only after evaluating all options available.

These gowns are designed in such perfection that they make every girl feel like the star of the ball. The gowns are finely made and make the wearer look glamorous. The designs are not very unusual or too modern. There are no exposed midriffs, plunging back lines or richly patterned fabrics. If you are into clothing that not only brings out the woman in you but also is sophisticated and timeless, then Mori Lee is what you are looking for.


At present there are three collections offering this kind of dress. In this article we will discuss only two. Each collection offers something different but show the work of the original designer in its making.

Prom Collection

The design as one might expect, is the traditional prom dress design and the signature gown of the designer. The gowns come with intricate bead work that is coupled with vibrant colors and fabrics. The dresses come with strapless, halter necks or the spaghetti straps with the natural waistlines and tulle skirts with many layers. There is also the option of pick up skirts and if someone prefers, the fitting mermaid fishtail skirts. This type of a collection is more suited to those girls who want nothing sparkly, instead they want a traditional and classic Mori Lee in Sydney for their prom night.

Hush collection

The hush collection consists of designs from other collections but this one uses silk charmeuse that is very soft to touch. It almost feels like a second skin. The beading is detailed and the colors are vivacious with a fitting design of the gown. These gowns give girls a very sleek and stylish look without a hint of modesty. This collection makes gowns that have a blunt look and appealing to the eye.

Affordability factor

People make the mistake of assuming that just because a dress is made by a designer, it has to be expensive. That is not always the case. At least with this designer, you can expect really costly prom dresses with high prices for those who can spend a lot money and also dresses that come in an affordable price range. You can even buy them online from authorized retailers and the websites have options to input your measurement so you can select the gown that is fitting.

If you are a girl looking to buy an elegant, sophisticated and yet a very feminine prom dress, opt for Mori Lee gowns. Whatever collection you choose, you will have a dress to the prom that will be both fun and gorgeous. You can re-use them for other events as well.